Professional Activities and Affiliation

 From - To



 1984 - 1986

 Center for Research on Integrated  Manufacturing, U. of Michigan in Ann Arbor

 Research Scientist

 1986 - Present




 Computing Department, Imperial College,  London, U.K.

 Visiting Professor

 1988 - 1992

 Pacific Controls Co.

 Technical Consultant

 1990 - 1997

 Satellite Technology Research Center (SaTReC)

 Research Manager

 1991 - 1995

 Industrial Advancement Administration,  JTC1/SC 17, 29


 1994 - 1996

 TTA ITU-T SG-9 VOD Committee


 1994 - 1995

 KISTEP Technology Development Cunsulting Center

 Responsible Counselor

 1995 - 1999

 Korean Society of Remote Sensing


 1995 - 1996

 Small and Medium Business Administration



 1995 - 1996

 Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology


 1997 - 1999

 Rural Development Administration, Agricultural  Science and Technology Institute

 Co-Research Manager

 1999 - 2008

 Advanced Information Technology Research Center, KAIST


 1999 - 2000

 Korea Information Science Society



 2000 - 2006

 Multimedia Data Right Protection Technology Division, DRM Working Group, Ministry of Information and Communication


 2000 - 2002

 Virus Hacking Center, KAIST


2000 - 2002

 Digital Innotech Co.


2001 - 2003

URI forum, Ministry of Information and Communication


Board President

2001 - 2003

Watermarking, Technology Division, SEDICA, Ministry of Information and Communication


2006 - 2014

CFTS : Center of Fusion  Technology for Security




IT Technology Load Map Committee, Institute of Information Technology Advancement, Ministry of Information and Communication











 Memberships and Activities in Scientific Associations



 Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), U.S.A.


 Institute of Electrical nd Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Circuit and System Society, U.S.A.

 Technical Committee Member

 The Institue of Electronics, Information, Communication Engineer, Japan


 Communication of the Korea Information Science Society


 Korean Institue of Communication Sciences


 The Institue of Electronics Engineers of Korea


 Korea Institue of Information Security and Cryptology

 International Affair Director

 Korea Information Processing Society






 SPIE(The Internationa Society for Optical Engineering), IS&T(The Society for Imaging Science and Technology), Journal of Electronic Imaging



 IEEE & ACM, Transactions on Networking



 Academic Press, Real-Time Imaging


 1995, 1996

 1995, 1996 Video On Demand Workshop, Telecommunications Technology Association, Taejon, Korea

 Conference Chairman

 Dec. 1999

 IEEE The 6th International Conference on Real-Time Computing Systems and Application, Hong Kong

 Program Co-Chairman

 Dec. 2000

 IEEE The 7th International Conference on Real-Time Computing Systems and Application, Korea

 Program Co-Chairman


Int. J. of Image and Graphics

 Guest Editor


Int. Workshop on Digital Watermarking, IWDW2004

 Program Co-Chairman