Research Fields



1986 - 1992

 Real-Time Computing, Image Processing Systems

1993 - 1996

 Motion Estimation, Image Compression

1996 - 1997

 Remote Sensing for 3-dimensional Image Modeling,


1998 – 2015

 Digital Watermarking, Multimedia Forensics,


2016 –


Image and Video Forensics based on Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence


Steganography and Steganalysis based on Deep Neural Network


Digital Watermarking based on Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence for 2D/3D Image and Video, 3D Graphic Model, and 3D Printer Output


 Research interests cover the following topics



Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence

Various Deep Learning technologies are investigated to derive the digital watermarking and forensic solutions.



 We have developed a  robust watermarking and fingerprinting algorithm for image and video. The Video Watermarking Software which use ‘Digital Watermarking Engine’ we developed was selected as one of  40 national key technologies in 2007. Recently, we are focusing on 3D watermarking for Image, Video, Graphic, 3D printer output, and Super-multiview display.



 We are now investigating multimedia forensics. Particularly image and video forensics are our main concern. Various fundamental technologies have been investigated and developed for the image and video forensics.


 / Steganalysis

 We have investigated secret communication and the monitoring technologies on the internet.